Avlonia Beach: Discover the Tranquil Beauty

Avlonia, nestled amidst an enchanting expanse of untamed landscapes, boasts a pristine sandy beach cocooned by a lush canopy of trees near Trahilia. To embark on this captivating journey, simply navigate the familiar path until you encounter the first perpendicular road, whereupon a right turn will lead you to this hidden gem.

avlonia beach, Aυλωνιά
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 Avlonia is a secluded bay, untouched by the trappings of civilization, where tranquility permeates the very essence of its surroundings. Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of its unspoiled panorama, where the crystalline, unpolluted waters beckon you to bask in their embrace. In the balmy embrace of summer, the sea remains an epitome of serenity, inviting you to surrender to its soothing caress.

Within mere footsteps of the shoreline, a tiny cantina awaits, ready to cater to your desires with a delectable assortment of refreshing beverages and delectable snacks. As you sip on your chosen libation, let the summer breeze carry your worries away, while relishing the proximity of Avlonia to remarkable attractions such as the captivating Mesta Village, the mystical Olympoi Cave, and the pristine sands of Salagona Beach. And on your return, indulge in a moment of pure bliss as you pause for a glass of ouzo in the charming Lagad.

Avlonia is a destination that entices you to linger, to bask in the sun’s warm embrace, and to revel in the unspoiled beauty that surrounds you. Its clear waters and the gentle caress of the summer breeze invite you to stay all day long, losing yourself in a tapestry of natural wonders.

Avlonia beach is 40 minutes by car as you can from google maps. We would like to thank chiosphotos.gr for its video.

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