The Enlightening Chios Maritime Museum

The Chios Maritime Museum was established to represent the nautical history and traditions of Chios, as well as its role in the contemporary maritime world.

Located in the centre of town and enhanced by its traditional early 20th century neo-classic architecture; it is both a cultural centre and an ideal setting for a private collection of models and paintings of ships, rare photographs, maps, books, as well as parts of vessels and nautical artefacts, chronicling the development of shipping through the ages.

The exhibition also demonstrates the vital role Chios played in the development of shipping during the 20th century, which ushered in the ‘golden age’ of post-war Greek mercantile shipping.

Apart from the main aim of reflecting the nautical culture and heritage of Chios and documenting its history; the museum also hosts lectures and conferences, as well as encouraging educational programmes to bring to life the story of Greek mercantile shipping to students and visitors from all over the world.

Apart from Chios Maritime Museum, some other museums that worth to see are the following

Chios Byzantine Museum,Βυζαντινό Μουσείο
Chios Byzantine Museum

The engaging Chios Byzantine Museum.

Chios Byzantine Museum aims to inform the visitors about the history and culture of Chios from the early christian period to the modern era.