The Beautiful Komi beach

  • Komi beach is situated at the southeast part of the island, six kilometers from the traditional village of Kalamoti and thirty minutes from Chios town. The distance from Voulamandis House is aproximately 30 minutes by car. It  is a long sandy beach with lots of beach bars and sundbeds. In addition it is a crowded beach during weekends, because is th hotpspot for the locals and specially the youngsters. 
  • In general we recommend this beach for guests that enjoy also quiet beaches. The reason is that , this beach is so long that for sure you can find a quiet spot. 
  • It is a large sandy beach, with facilities such as umbrellas and deck chairs. You can also rent bikes, canoes and other water games.Komi beach is very close to the Mastic Museum of Chios that is also located in the south part of the island. In addition it is very close to mavra volia beach too. Both beaches are very nice and close. 
  • For the ones that enjoy having a double swim everyday, we recommend visiting both of them.
  • During the high season popular cafes, bars and taverns make Komi a very popular destination. It is about 20 minutes away from Voulamandis House. 

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