Which Chios Villages Voulamandis House recommends ?

Chios Island is a Greek gem, celebrated for its scenic landscapes and charming Chios villages. Here are some standout villages: Pyrgi Village: In the south, Pyrgi captivates with unique black and white geometric designs. Explore narrow streets, enjoy local cuisine in traditional spots. Mesta Village: Known for medieval architecture in the south, Mesta features protective walls, stone houses, a castle, and local shops. Vessa Village: In the central part, Vessa charms with traditional architecture, Byzantine churches, and local hospitality. Olympoi Village: Northern Olympoi offers beautiful architecture, Byzantine churches, and stunning countryside views. Volissos Village: In the northwest, Volissos impresses with a medieval castle, narrow streets, and beautiful coastal views. Armolia Village: Central Armolia is famed for its pottery, featuring narrow streets, stone houses, and a Byzantine church. Lagada Village: Northeastern Lagada offers stunning views, beautiful beaches, and traditional Greek cuisine in local shops. These Chios villages weave together history, culture, and natural beauty, enhancing the island’s allure.

Chios villages

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