The illusive Agia Dynami Beach

  • Another beautiful beach near Olympoi village is Agia Dynami Beach or Agia Theodosia. The waters have a unique emerald colour and incredible clarity. It is a secluded place, mostly. 
  • Swimming there is a unique experience. The tall green trees and the steep cliffs that surround it offer natural shade to bathers, while its calm clear waters create a sense of relaxation. The bathers choose it for its serenity, it gives the whole scene, as it is an untouched and secluded beach where you can enjoy your swim with minimal people. 
  • On the shore and at the bottom there are a few pebbles but without creating a problem for young visitors. To reach the second beach, located north of the first, you have to go swimming because there is no road.Furthermore accessing this place is not dificult at whole. 
  • There is a very nice asfalt street that brings you just few meters away from the shore. It is ideal for a pick nick, since beside thwe shore you can find a small church with a very nice yard. In this yard someone can sit, relax and enjoy the view. \
  • Voulamandis house is approxiamtely 36 minutes away.  Lovely to spend the whole day. It is important though for guests to get some supplies
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agia dynami beach,Παραλία Αγία Δύναμη
Play Video about agia dynami beach,Παραλία Αγία Δύναμη

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