The amazing Mastic Museum Of Chios

This museum unveils the secrets of Mastiha cultivation and introduces us to the Culture of Mastiha.  The know-how of Chios mastic cultivation was inscribed in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2014.

The exhibition introduces us to the traditional mastiha cultivation techniques, the history and culture of mastiha. It gives guests to do so through a multifaceted experience. 

The visitor can touch and smell the mastiha. Moreover , it allows guest to learn about the architecture, history and social organisation of the Mastichochoria area. Firstly, the  section of the exhibition is dedicated to the cooperation of the mastiha producers and the way of the production.  Secondly, it exhibits the history of mastiha and thirdly to its uses and exports all over the world. 

A variety of media are used in the exhibition, such as multimedia applications, films, models and machines from the first mastiha factory. The last section of the exhibition is outdoors, where the visitor walks around a mastiha grove.

In conclussion the museum is just 25minutes from Voulamandis House. We always recommend this museum to our guests. It is a wonderfull oportunity to combine it with some nice beaches around the area.

Chios Mastic Museum is a beatiful place to walk and viti and we are so happy that Voulamandis House is located exactly in the center of this area. Check out some other interesting information about chios

Chios Byzantine Museum,Βυζαντινό Μουσείο
Chios Byzantine Museum

The engaging Chios Byzantine Museum.

Chios Byzantine Museum aims to inform the visitors about the history and culture of Chios from the early christian period to the modern era.