Picturesque Mavra Volia Beach

  • The road leading to the seaside resort of komi beach is a wonderfull beach located in the south east side of the island. Mavra Volia is a little before the entrance to the medieval village of Pyrgi
  • Emporios is a picturesque small port, which has become famous because of the nearby seasides of Mavra Volia. Psaronas is the name of the (now inactive) volcano. 
  • The black, rounded, shiny pebbles of the beach are the result of the volcano’s explosion in the ancient times. You can find cafes, tavernas but also some rooms to let there
  • At a short distance from the port, there are three successive bays with deep dark blue waters. The black pebbles and wild scenery is a result of the volcanic activity of the distant past in the area. Swimming there is an experience not to be missed!
  • Furthermore,  someone can find a canteen and in some occasions sunbeds. Always it is useful to ask the reception
  • In conclussion , wee would like to mention that the following video someone can find it in . 
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